Barrow says D38,000 per ton surpasses global price by D18,000

President Adama Barrow has said that the price of groundnut that his government pegs at D38,000 per ton has surpassed the global price by D18,000.

The president announced at the start of his tour that price for groundnut for this year’s season will be D38,000 per ton but the announcement has since sparked uproar in the farming community with the national farmers platform calling it a “disappointment” and claimed that the price was not what it agreed with the GGC.

The Farmers’ Platform further expressed frustration that the government cannot impose prices on farmers and called for a review of the price in consultation with farmers.

But re-echoing the government’s stance at his meeting in Baddibu Dobo, Wednesday, President Barrow said this year’s price witnessed an increase of D6000 from last year’s D32,000 price per ton, which demonstrates the government’s commitment to transform the lives of the farmers.

“If you look at the global prices, a ton is bought at D20,000 and that means this government has added D18,000 for each ton,” Barrow told the audience.

He said the government will spend an estimated D500 million on buying groundnuts and cushioning the gaps. “All this is to help you [farmers]. Last year we bought each bag of fertiliser for D2650 and we sold it to you at D1150. That shows we have subsidised D1500 on each bag. We know that the economy of this country very much relies on agriculture and farmers are very important in our food security drive. If people are not fed it brings problems. So nobody can stop us from supporting our farmers.”

Hakalang road

The president also disclosed that the much talked about Hakalang road will be completed and inaugurated in May 2024.

The president laid the foundation stone of the 88km road project in 2020 but after many years of waiting, the road is still incomplete, causing frustration for commuters and residents of the area.

But according to Barrow, the delay was caused because the contractor was also working on other roads in Saloum. He said the contractor has finished work in Saloum and has now moved all machinery and equipment to Nuimi to fast track the work.

“From now on, they will do 500 metres every day and going by that estimation they should be able to complete the road by May 2024. So I will be here in May to inaugurate the road and it will also coincide with completion of road works in Salikenni, Kerewan-Njawara and we will inaugurate all of them together,” he stated.

President Barrow also pledged that the people of North Bank will now witness unprecedented socio-economic developments under its new Area Council Chairman who unlike his predecessor is from the ruling NPP. “The previous chairman was an opposition, he does not attend my meetings, he does not support my programs and he does not bring people to attend my meetings. I want to thank you for taking that enormous decision,” he added.

Source: The Standard

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