“Government Is Planning To Rig The Elections”- Says APRC Deputy Spokesman

Mamos Media

By Ousman A Marong

The Deputy Spokesperson of the Opposition Alliance for Patriotic Re-orientation and Construction (APRC), Dodou Jah, has accused the Barrow led Government of planning to rig the upcoming 2021 Presidential Elections.

“The Government is planning to rig the upcoming presidential Elections,” said Dodou Jah, APRC Deputy Spokesman.

Jah made these accusations during an encounter with The Mamos Media at APRC Political Bureau in Manjai-Kunda.

“I will repeat this until Election Day. I feel that the extension of the ECOMIG Mission in the county is political and waste of resources, taking into account Eight (8) Hundred Million Dalasis is spent on ECOMIG annually,” Jah added.

The APRC Deputy Spokesman argued that the money spent on ECOMIG should be given to the Government to develop or upgrade the dying health sector. He also said the money could be use to develop the Agricultural sector and Education system ŕather than pumping such a huge amount of money on ECOMIG troops.

According to him, the reason for the extension of ECOMIG mission in The Gambia is political since the government has said their presence is very key in order to stabilize the country in the upcoming elections. He then questioned the extension of ECOMIG mandate, if not to rig elections.

“I said it some days that the Government is planning to rig elections and I will repeat it till Election Day. The Government is planning to rig the election yes! From their own mouth they said they are going to have 70 percent and later increased it to 75 percent. This sounds funny and that is why I asked them to stop insulting Gambians. They had a coalition in 2016 with 7 political parties joining together with one independent candidate. They came up with 43 percent. How can a single party win with 75 percent? What are they planning? Our eyes and ears are opened and we are watching. We are no fools. What happened in 2016 will never be repeated again,” Dodou Jah vowed.

He asked the government not to put its hope on ECOMIG with the intention of rigging election.

“We are ready for anything and we are ready to salvage this country. This country will end in the hands of Gambians and we are taking back our country. We don’t want this country to be in the hands of the Chinese or Europeans or Senegalese,” he concludes.

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