GNPC validates strategic plan

GNPC validates strategic plan

By Cherno Omar Bobb

The Gambia National Petroleum Corporation (GNPC) on Monday validated its four-year Strategic Plan (2023-2027) to help guide its actions towards meeting its desired goal at a ceremony held at Bakadaji Hotel.

Speaking at the validation, Baboucarr Njie, managing director for the Gambia National Petroleum Corporation, acknowledged the contribution of staff in having the document legitimised.

He observed that the broad participation of all in drafting the document, demonstrate the fact that they will take ownership of the final output.

He pointed out that without a robust strategic plan they will be in the dark, adding that with the strategic plan they will now be able to know where they navigate to and ensure that they do not only live up to expectation but exceed all expectations.

Momodou Senghore, board chairman for GNPC, said most of those who participated in developing the strategic plan where the ones at that validation and that document is therefore is not something that is going to be imposed on them.

“It will be easy after validation to take ownership of the recommendations that will emerge. Documents like this are not cast in iron and are therefore subject to change.”

Sanna Darboe, a consultant said research has shown that more than half of plans and road maps are not implemented for many reasons, noting that one of those reasons is the lack of participation of key stakeholders in the development process.

However, he said major stakeholders being involved in the leadership and ownership of the drafting of the document gives them a reasonable measure of success in its implementation.

Darboe described the document as timely in ensuring that GNPC’s performance contracts are realised through operationalising the document.


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