Gitteh to boycott NPP runoff primary tomorrow

Gitteh to boycott NPP runoff primary tomorrow

Ahmad Gitteh, one of the NPP members aspiring to be the Party’s candidate for Brikama Area Council (BAC) Chairmanship in the forthcoming local government elections, has stated that he would not participate in the primary runoff scheduled for Tuesday by the party.

Mr. Gitteh insisted that he won the last Wednesday’s BAC primary.

“As I clearly stated in my recorded audio, I want to make it very clear to everyone that I won the first round of NPP primaries,” he stated on his Facebook handle.

“I am NOT participating in any other primaries. If you want to deny me my victory, go ahead,” he added 

“Our next line of action shall be communicated to all of you genuine Gambians and supporters of truth. Until then, we leave everything to Allah.”

Six people declared interest for NPP BAC candidate and primaries held on Wednesday. Basiru Darbie and Kora Jassey got no vote, Lamin Basse Bojang got 3 votes, Lamin F. Bojang got 17 votes, while Ahmad Gitteh and Seedy Ceesay went head to head with 30 votes.

A vote which would have tallied Mr. Gitteh’s votes to 31, was reportedly invalidated by the selection committee.

NPP has announced its resolution to conduct primaries again between the two leading contenders – Mr. Gitteh and Seedy Ceesay – tomorrow.

Source: The Point

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