Vows to recover every butut back to the state

The National Food Security Processing and Marketing Corporation (NFSPMC), formerly GGC, has yesterday disclosed that a shortage of D32 million was discovered at 40 seccos across the country.

The corporation made this disclosure at a press conference to rebut allegations that it is still owing some seccos millions of dalasi.

It also came on the heels of Agriculture Minister Demba Sabally telling the National Assembly that government has stopped buying groundnuts after spending an unprecedented D1.5 billion.

At yesterday’s press conference, the GGC said the initial budget for the groundnut trade was calculated to buy 25,000 tons, but it ended up buying 36,000 due to the largely successful harvest.

The corporation’s deputy managing director, Lamin Sanyang, said contrary to reports that GGC still owes farmers, they have in fact settled all their credit buying with the farmers.

“However, it is highly likely that a number of seccos and CPMSs where shortages have been recorded could be owing the farmers. We have extended invitations to all seccos and CPMSs with outstanding credit transactions for the purpose of reconciliation, but only 40 responded out of 95, and out of this, 34 were settled in full. The remaining six were not settled due to reported shortages,” he told the media.

He said the shortage was a result of the difference between the quantity purchased and the quantity delivered to GGC depots.

Source: The Standard

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