Germany: Over 90% of Germany’s Russian imports fell in the first year of the war

Germany: Over 90% of Germany’s Russian imports fell in the first year of the war

Germany’s imports from Russia fell by more than 90% in the first year of Moscow’s war in Ukraine, largely due to the collapse of Russian energy deliveries to Europe’s largest economy, according to official figures released Thursday.

Germany imported goods worth 300 million euros ($329 million) in February, down from 3.7 billion euros a year earlier, according to the Federal Statistical Office. That was a 91% fall, and dropped Russia from the eleventh greatest wellspring of imports to 46th spot.

On February 24, 2022, Russia invaded Ukraine completely, which sparked several rounds of Western sanctions.

Even in areas like natural gas that were not directly affected by sanctions, its relationship with the West deteriorated. Moscow, which once provided the greater part of Germany’s gas, decreased and afterward halted gas conveyances to the nation the previous summer.

According to the statistics office, imports of Russian oil and gas decreased by 99.8% from 2.2 billion euros in February to 4.2 million euros. Germany’s general imports of oil and gas this February added up to 6 billion euros.

Imports of coal decreased by 92.5 percent, from 347 million euros to 26 million euros.

In the meantime, Germany only sent 800 million euros worth of goods to Russia in February, down from 2.1 billion euros the year before. That was a decrease of 60.5%.

What is still being imported and exported was not provided in detail by the statistics office.

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