Gaza: Thousands of people in Gaza need treatment, according to WHO

Gaza: Thousands of people in Gaza need treatment, according to WHO

By Ahmad Hadizat Omayoza, Mamos Nigeria

The World Health Organization on Wednesday welcomed the first evacuation of injured patients from the Gaza Strip, but stressed that thousands of injured civilians and chronically ill people also needed treatment. 4,444 ambulances transported injured residents from the Palestinian enclave to neighboring Egypt for emergency treatment.

Israel has heavily shelled Gaza since Hamas militants stormed across the border on October 7, killing 1,400 people, mostly civilians, and kidnapping at least 240, including children. Israeli officials said.

The health ministry in the Hamas-controlled Gaza Strip says nearly 8,800 people have died since the war with Israel began. The death toll included more than 3,600 children and more than 22,000 injured.

“The World Health Organization welcomes Egypt`s decision to accept 81 injured and sick people from the Gaza Strip for treatment,” the WHO`s Eastern Mediterranean regional branch said in a statement.

Palestinian sources on the ground said they expected 88 patients to be taken across.

The WHO said Al-Arish Hospital, in the closest major city to the border, would be the main first referral hospital.

“It has fully equipped resuscitation and intensive care facilities, and a range of surgical teams to manage severe injuries, including major trauma and burns,” the organisation said.

Onward referral arrangements to second-line hospitals in Egypt are also in place, it added.

The WHO, while welcoming the first evacuations, said there were “thousands of severely injured civilians” in the Gaza Strip who needed medical treatment.

More than 1,000 patients require kidney dialysis to survive. More than 2,000 patients are receiving cancer treatment. 45,000 people suffer from cardiovascular disease. More than 60,000 people had diabetes.

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