Gambia’s Fallen December 30th Heroes Finally Laid to Rest

by Ndey  Jobarteh

Salutation To Our Fallen December 30th Heroes
The fallen December 30th heroes have been finally laid to rest on Friday, January 11, 2019. These gallant men gavve their lives for the Gambia on Decembber 30, 2014, in an attempt to remove the erstwhile dictator and set the Gambia free from dictatorship.
With support  from  the new government,  their faimilies have now provided them with proper burial and Gambians are still mourning their departure.
“Death is something inevitable. When a man has done what he considers to be his duty to his people and his country, he can rest in peace…..” Nelson Mandela.
These galant men gave all they had for country. I will not defend their actions because the presence of ECOMIG is enough evidence in The Gambia to validate their intent. That we had to get 7,000 men of Africa’s finest military might through “Operation Restore Democracy” to defend and uphold the December 1st 2016 election results thus to validate the Gambian people’s choice. I will also not defend their actions because to do so, betrays their moral stance. To Mba Meeta, Ya Yassin and Ya Mariam Njie, I say this, thanks for bringing up men with a conscience, men with pride and dignity. Whilst some watched they gave it all when the world turned a diplomatic blind eye.
Here before us motionless is the evidence of men who gave it all. Women and even children, Yes! Children were also not spared . The scars of dictatorship will be nursed for a very long time.

The call for Gambia’s children to come together and fight for change was amplified when the undignified act of circulating photos of the remains of these galant men was embarked upon.
“Sen bakan dess sut si neen”.

Vulnerabilities were exposed and Gambia and her children decided that enough was enough. The clarion call to rescue this old and battered lady was answered by all well meaning Gambians and the world.

Whilst Lt Colonel Lamin Sanneh, Captain Njaga Mamour Jagne and Sgt Alhagie Jaja Nyass were amongst many who paid the ultimate price, there were also others who paid with dramatic shifts in the trajectory of their lives and that of their families. We stand here today and salute all of them for the part they played in the liberation of our beloved Gambia from the clutches of tyranny and economic hopelessness. Once again, Mbaa Meeta, Ya Yassin, Ya Mariam our deepest sympathies to you and your families. To their children I say always remember the word “Ubuntu” “We are because of them.” The path to democracy was littered with a lot of bodies amongst them these galant men. It is ironic that they died at the height of dictatorship but will be laid to rest in the midst of democracy, for they did not die in vain.

May their souls rest in peace
May the Almighty forgive their transgressions
May Jannah be their final abode .

May the Almighty help their families cope with the void they leave behind .

May the mercy and the blessings of the almighty be with you all here present today.
I thank you and the families for this humbling opportunity.
God bless The Gambia.

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