Gambians in Germany rejoice as Berlin reforms citizenship law

Gambians in Germany rejoice as Berlin reforms citizenship law

Several Gambians in Germany are currently celebrating the news that the coalition government is working on “sweeping new action and proposal” to reform the country’s citizenship law.

The change, described as “unprecedented and biggest over a century” was lobbied by human rights bodies and other NGOs over the years and commended as “just, objective and unbiased”.

Moreover, the German government pursuing the delicate and balancing act of attracting competent foreign skills is equally aware of the “resentment, hostility and xenophobia” against foreigners.

Therefore, the proposal that was announced with prominence by Interior Minister Nancy Faeser, who publicly emphasized its “importance” was received with delight by dozens of affected Gambians.

Ebou Nyang, a Gambian in Berlin, responding to The Point said: “We are watching closely the excellent news with joy as many people have waited for so long here… some even got discouraged and retrieved their documents”.

Other Gambians moaned the “high cost” of both gathering their papers through solicitors and obtaining passport fees.

Nevertheless, international institutions have hailed the country for reviewing its “outdated” immigration rules by taking into consideration the contribution of migrants towards the German economy.

It is also important to note that naturalization process usually took eight years, however, with the new proposal, it will now be shorten to five years.

Furthermore, Gambians who can also prove “advanced Germany language skills” as well as “high level of integration” are also allowed to apply.

But people who are on benefit or dependent on the State are not eligible to apply. 

This correspondent also learnt that the proposal that is expected to be considered by both Houses of Parliament may also be “adjusted” to satisfy certain opposition members.

Source: The Point

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