Gambia summons Senegalese ambassador

Gambia summons Senegalese ambassador

The Senegalese deputy ambassador in The Gambia has recently been summoned by the Gambian authorities over the death of one Duwa Badjie, a native of Foni Bintang in the West Coast Region (WCR), The Point has been reliably informed.

A source who is familiar with the development and spoke to our reporter on the condition of anonymity confirmed the development, saying the ambassador was out of jurisdiction but was represented by his deputy.

“The Senegalese diplomat in the country and officials of The Gambia government discussed about the death of Duwa Badjie, the Senegalese government’s cooperation in the matter and also the repatriation of the body to the country among host of others,” a source revealed.  

Duwa Badjie, a Gambian national, was reportedly shot on Gambian soil around Jilanfari village by the Senegalese forces stationed in Cassamace, the southern part of Senegal while returning from Funtang village in the Foni Kansala District.

He (Badjie) later allegedly died from a gunshot. His body is currently at a mortuary at a hospital in Ziguinchor.

The country’s defence Minister Sering Modou Njie, who was contacted for comments regarding the killing of Duwa Badjie, said: “The Gambia and Senegalese government are currently working closely with regard to the death of Duwa Badjie. In fact, since we received the news about the shooting incident involving Mr. Badjie, we started engaging our Senegalese counterparts over the issue. We immediately contacted the relevant Senegalese authorities and let them know about the incident and we are working closely in addressing the matter amicably,” he told our reporter in an interview.

“When we got the news about Duwa’s death, we again contacted the Senegalese government and let them also know about it. This clearly manifests that the government is committed to the welfare of Gambians. In fact, through our Ministry of Foreign Affairs, we summoned the Senegalese ambassador for discussion about the matter. However, we were later informed that the ambassador travelled outside the country but he was represented by his deputy.”

“Our discussion centered on the death of Duwa Badjie, soliciting the cooperation of the Senegalese government on the matter and also to ensure that the body is repatriated. We had a fruitful discussion and we are all working towards achieving the objectives of our meeting,” he said.

Speaking further, he said: “I can assure you that the two governments are working in addressing the matter amicably. I have been discussing the issue with the Senegalese defence minister for the past few days. I can tell you that the peace and stability of the country and protecting people’s lives and property is among the priorities of the government and my ministry,” he claimed

On the issue that the shooting incident reportedly happened within Gambian territory, Minister Njie said: “I can’t comment on that issue for now as the matter is currently under investigation. However, once the investigation is done, we will be able to comment on the issue,” he said.

“Whatever we are doing on this matter or other matter within the Foni, we do involve their lawmakers. We want to assure Gambians that we will continue on our efforts in providing security for the people of Foni and the country at large. We will work in achieving the mandate provided for us as defence and interior in safeguarding the country’s peace and stability and also protecting the sovereignty of the country.

Almameh Gibba, the National Assembly Member (NAM) for Foni Kansala District, who spoke to The Point on the issue recently, said: “I can confirm to you that Duwa Badjie has died and he is currently at the mortuary of a hospital in Ziguinchor. This is so sad and it is totally unacceptable. Our people are being killed by foreign forces on the Gambian soil and our government which is supposed to protect us is doing nothing about it,” he claimed.

“We and the deceased’s family were doing everything possible with a view to know the whereabouts of (Duwa Badjie) after one month and ten days since he was reportedly shot on the Gambian territory,” he posited.

“The government was aware of the shooting incident, but they haven’t done anything in ensuring that Badjie is repatriated,” he alleged.

Source: The Point

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