Gambia Police initiates manhunt for gunman

Gambia Police initiates manhunt for gunman

The Gambia Police Force (GPF) has announced that it has initiated an axhaustive manhunt, dedicating all available resources to swiftly apprehend a suspect responsible for killing two of its men and wounding another (female officer.)

The gunman shot and killed PC Pateh Jallow and PC Sang J Gomez, who were in the line of duty during a shooting at Sukuta Traffic Light on Tuesday night.

WPC Ancy Jawo who sustained gunshot wounds is currently under medical care, with her condition deemed critical yet stable.

“The public is earnestly implored to stand in solidarity with the police by sharing any pertinent information that can helpful to the ongoing manhunt,” said GPF.

The Gambia Police Force was alerted to a shocking act of violence where three constables from the Police Intervention Unit (PIU) were targeted in a shooting at the Sukuta Traffic Light by an unidentified assailant.

This incident unfolded in perplexing circumstances, concealing the motive behind this brutal attack in secrecy. Without delay, the injured officers were swiftly transported to the Sukuta Health Center, and due to the severity of their injuries, they were subsequently referred to the Ndemban Clinic in Bakau.

In response to this grave situation, an immediate manhunt has been initiated to identify and apprehend the individual(s) responsible for this incident. A civilian male eyewitness is actively cooperating with the police investigation, providing a detailed description of the lone gunman, who was observed wearing a Kaftan and carrying a pistol.

The public is earnestly advised to remain vigilant and promptly report any suspicious activity to the nearest police station, thereby contributing to the ongoing manhunt effort.

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