Gambia: Justice Minister Promises to Return Diplomatic Passports of Mother, Step-Mother and Sisters

By Ousman A. Marong

 The Anthony General and Minister of Justice, Mr. Abubacarr  M. Tambedou has promised to return the diplomatic passports he obtained for his mother, step mother and two sisters when he returns from Qatar.

In his reaction when contacted via Whatsapp by MAMOS TV about his reported readiness to surrender the diplomatic passports, he confirmed that the statement by Ebrima Sillah during the famous ‘Coffee Time with  Peter Gomes’ of West Coast Radio is his stance as he want to return the passports when he returns back from his trip to Qatar with President Adama Barrow.

 “Yes! I did and that has always been my intention,” he said.

Tambedou applied for five diplomatic passports for his mother, Abi Tambedou, Mariama Aziz Tambedou (step-mother), Mariama Tambedou (sister) Haddyjatou Marie Tambedou Faal (sister) and Rougi Aly Kebe (wife) and approval was granted by President Adama, according to leaked memoranda – application and approval respectively.

Despite the expression of willingness to return the diplomatic documents, Tambedou interrogated: “In any event, what is wrong about this whole issue of the president exercising his power to grant the passport to close family members of a sitting cabinet minister? What is the problem with that?”

He described the reports on scandal as “noise over something perfectly legitimate.”

He said the passports were issued for a specific purpose, adding that now the Hajj is over his mother, step mother and two sisters have no further need of the diplomatic passports.

“So yes they will be returned as intended,” he stated.

Our reporter ask the minister why did he applied for a diplomatic passport as he had responded to a critic that his family are frequent travellers who do not need the document,

The minister retorted: “My friend don’t abuse this privilege now. I have responded to your question, so please!” 

Ebrima Sillah, the Information Minister who spoke to Peter Gomez on telephone from Qatar during the ‘Coffee Time with Peter Gomez’ also firmed the Justice Minister’s promise to return the said diplomatic passports.

Sillah is currently in Qatar together with the Justice Minister as part the delegation that travelled with President Adama Barrow to the peninsular Arab country.

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