Gambia: I Was Fed Through Internal Feeding Tube – Witness Tells TRRC

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By Ousman A. Marong

Yusupha Mbye, survivor of April 10/11, 2000 student massacred yesterday informed the Truth, Reconciliation and Reparation Commission (TRRC) that he was feeding through an internal feeding tube.

According to him, he was feeding on a fixed internal tube as he was depending on liquid foods for survival.

“I was lying at one place on my hospital bed and later developed bed shores, due to being constantly unmovable – unable to turn myself in bed,” he explained.

He made the disclosure at Dunes Hotel in Kololi where he was testifying before the Commission.

“They fixed a urine tube for me on my hospital bed where I did all the urine and defecation which led to my left hand leg to develop a bed shore,” he remarked.

He explained that while in his hospital bed nurses at night duty always inject him so that he can be continuously sleeping.

He stated that nurses at the Royal Victorial Teaching Hospital (RVTH) now Edward Small Francis Teaching Hospital (ESFTH) were not doing their job effectively.

He added that anytime he woke up at night and call them for help they the nurses always ignored him.

Yusupha who goes with the nickname Papa informed the Commission that while on their sick bed they received information that former president Jammeh was planning to pay them a visit at RVTH.

“We were not pleased with the visit, because his visit was like killing us and the same time mourning us,” said the witness.

He revealed that former speaker of the National Assembly Fatoumatta Jahumpa Ceesay use to bring provision of conflakes, milk and D100.00 as a gift on the order of former President Yahya Jammeh.

“We never benefited from the provision and we do give out the money for charity.”

The witness said the treatment he received from RVTH did not yield any impact on his life.

He said he was later escorted to Egypt by one Dr. Muhammed Nawal where he started receiving proper treatment.

He said he was in a vegetable state before moving to Cairo, Egypt for medical treatment.

“I was again operated in Cairo, because I was shot in my back just around the neck, the bullet was removed at RVTH without them properly working on the shore. I was told by a doctor in Cairo that the bullet had caused some destruction in my neck and backbone,” Said Mr. Mbye.

The witness said he later left Cairo for UK with the hope that his condition would be better. He said upon arrival in UK the Gambia government only paid for his medical bills by installments and the UK government refused to treat him pending completion for the bill.

“They wrote to The Gambia government informing them about my bills but they never responded. They responded immediately after the UK government requested for our return air ticket.”

He explained that their medical reports were seized by Mariatou Jallow then Director at EFSTH upon their arrival at the Banjul International Airport from UK.

In his closing remarks the witness expressed his dissatisfaction with the current Gambian leader.

He said: “I personally met President Adama Barrow in Dakar during his inauguration and he promised us that as soon as he returns back to The Gambia he will facilitate our overseas treatment, but still to no avail.”

The witness further challenged the Commission to do all it takes to make sure justice prevails. He questioned the Commission why was the TRRC setup without justice taking place.

“There cannot be reconciliation without justice. We the victims are not going to allow former President and his alias to go scot-free,” he lamented.

He said the Justice Minister cannot take the law into his own hands by releasing the ‘junglers’ without consulting the victims.

He intimated that the assets and properties of former President Jammeh sold by Janneh Commission should have been given to them, the victims of April 10/11, 2000 student massacred.   

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