Gambia: “I Urge All To Turn Down Rhetoric” Says Mai Fatty

Mamos Media

Mai Ahmad Fatty

The Leader of the Opposition Gambia Moral Congress, Mai Ahmad Fatty, has called on all Gambians to promote peaceful rapprochement among the country’s religious leaders.

Below is his statement:

I urge all of us to turn down the rhetoric and promote peaceful rapprochement among our religious leaders. There is no fundamental disgreement between Imam Ba Kawsu Fofana and the Supreme Islamic Council on the most important doctrine of Islam.

Let us broaden this convergence, seeking to unite the Ummah in comprehensively propagating the Deen of Peace. We are one, and we must not permit politics or other extraneous inclinations divide us. I urge restraint and call on all to cease promoting division within the Ummah. I am absolutely certain that the Ummah will only grow stronger.

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