Gambia: Gov’t Launches Public Information Campaign

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By Ousman A Marong

The Government of The Gambia through the Department of Information Services (DOIS) has on Thursday 15 October, launched the Public Information Campaign for the Gambia Social Registry (GAMSR).

“The Government of The Gambia has declared the establishment of Social Registry a priority part of its move towards an integrated social protection system in the country. To this end, the Gambia Social Registry (GAMSR) a data collection tool is to be established. It will be designed to store, analyse and categorize the population demographic and socio-economic information to inform programming and support policy development and reforms,” said Aisha Davies, the Director of DOIS.

She added: “We are gathered here today to launch a very significant national development intervention -the Public Information Campaign (PIC) on the Gambia Social Registry (GAMAR).”

According to DOIS Director, the launching would also served as an entry point for poor and vulnerable individuals or populations to potentially be included in and benefit from social protection programmes once they register by allowing development partners and other interest groups to better identify them.

“GAMSR will facilitate easy coordination and synergies among support programmes, thus preventing duplication of effort reducing administrative cost and allowing the unreached to be reached

She said the National Social Protection Policy (NSPP) and Social Protection Implementation Plan (SPIP) were approved by cabinet and a Social Protection Secretariat (SPS) has been established to provide strategic leadership and coordination of social protection interventions including the Social Registry.

“On the GAMSR in preparation for direct and more elaborate community engagement on the Social Registry, today’s launching will set the ball rolling for a Dialogue with the Community Caravan that will see the PIC team stump communities in your regions and encourage them to their household with GBoS,” she asserted.

On his part, the SPS Coordinator, Alagie Bara said the aim of this campaign is to create awareness on the upcoming data collection exercise by GBoS for the Gambia Social Registry.

“The Gambia government in collaboration with the World Bank is supporting the development of a Social Registry as a Component of the Social Safety Net Project. The GAMSR will serve as single-entry point for the various social protection programs in the Gambia and will be hosted by the National Social Protection Secretariat (NSPS) under the Office of the Vice President,” he remarked.

Mr Bara claims that the establishment of GAMSR is in line with governments development objectives of the National Development Plan (NDP 2018-2021) as well as the strategic objectives of the National Social Protection Policy 2015-2025) and its Implementation Plan (2015-2020).

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