Gambia Government completes late Chief Manneh’s US$!100, 000 compensation

By Ousman A. Marong

The Gambia Government has today completed the payment of US$ 100, 000 compensation to the family of the late journalist Chief Ebrima Manneh.
The late journalist was arrested at his office at the Daily Observer in Bakau and detained on July 7, 2006 by security agents of the Gambia’s former dictator Yahya Jammeh. Since then, he was never traced or released and was eventually reported to have died in state custody.
The Ecowas ocourt had earlier ordered the Gambia Government to give a compensation fee of US$100,000 to the family of the missing journalist Chief Ebrima Manneh.
Adama Manneh, sister of the late Chief Ebrima Manneh informed Mamos Tv that the second half of the said amount was paid today.
However, the 98-year-old father of the late journalist Chief Manneh has renewed his call to the Gambia’s newly established truth commission dubbed TRRC to ensure that justice is done.
“Money is important of course, but cannot be compared to human life. My son’s life is more important to me than money,” late Chief Manneh’s father remarked.
He said whenever he thinks of his late son, it always gives him a nightmare. “I will never relent in my son’s case until justice is done,” he stated.

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