Gambia: DPS Calls for Termination of Head Coach Tom Saintfeit

Mamos Media

By Ousman A. Marong

The Deputy Permanent Sectary at the Ministry of Youth and Sports, Sutay Jawo has called on the government of The Gambia through the Minister of Youth and Sports to terminate the contract of Gambia’s head coach Tom Saintfeit.

“I felt so bad and disappointed with the coach due to his style of changes he brought into the game and the kind of players he is choosing. Yes they are good players, but he was playing them at different departments they don’t belong to. He nearly failed us completely,” he remarked.

According to him, it is now up to Gambians to speak up their minds, adding that it is their right because the head coach is paid from the taxpayers’ money.

“If I were the honorable minister today we are going to terminate the contract of Tom Saintfeit. Not to me alone, but to the entire Gambian population who have been watching the game knows what had happened,” he asserted.

He made the deliberation at the Independence Stadium in Bakau when the Scorpions of The Gambia edged over Djibouti in the CAF qualifiers proper.

Jawo revealed that all the substitutes of players by Tom in the field of play were disappointing.

He cited the case of Badamosi whom he said was a dominant forward players and was doing all the fights and yet still the head coach substituted him with a defender.

“I will recommend to the minister of Youth and Sports to terminate the contract of Tom Saintfeit, because this is what Gambian sports enthusiasts have been chanting during the course of the match,” he said.

He stressed that whatever should deter the progress of Gambia sports should be avoided.

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