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By Lamin Cham

The APRC candidate for the Basse Area Council chairman-ship, Pa Amadou Suso, has been disqualified from contesting, a release from the Independent Electoral Commission stated yesterday.
The statement, which only said Mr Suso’s candidature has been rejected in accordance with Section 49 of the Elections Act, did not give further details. But the announcement came on the heels of a petition filed by the GDC alleging tht Mr Suso is an ex-convict.

Neither Mr Suso nor his party has made any public response to the matter.
Meanwhile, one of the independent candidates in KM Fatima Sarr, has withdrawn her candidature, according to the IEC.

Election House also reported that a total of 40 candidates are now in the race; 8 for the UDP, 8 for GDC, PDOIS 4, NRP 3, APRC 3 and 14 independent candidates. The GMC, PPP and GPDP did not put up any candidate.

Culled from Standard Newpaper.

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