France: Police shootings in France: Macron expresses killing of teenager ‘reprehensible’

France: Police shootings in France: Macron expresses killing of teenager ‘reprehensible’

By Ahmed Hadizat

France police shooting: Macron expresses killing of teen ‘unpardonable’

President censures occurrence as mobs eject in Nanterre after deadly shooting that followed traffic stop

Emmanuel Macron has called for quiet and cautioned against turmoil spreading across France, after police shot  a teenager during a traffic stop in Nanterre and seemed to have lied about the conditions of the killing.

In rare criticism of the police, the French president referred to the 17-year-old’s death as “inexcusable.”

A night of rioting and confrontations with police on housing estates in several towns outside of Paris followed the death of the teenager, who, according to neighbors, belonged to a family of Algerian descent.

Celebrities, such as actor Omar Sy and footballer Kylian Mbappé, expressed their outrage and sorrow via Twitter, writing: I feel sorry for France.

Macron told journalists: ” We have a young adult that was killed, it is unexplainable and reprehensible. A young man’s death is unjustifiable.

The family of the teenager received the president’s “solidarity and affection” and the following: We want quiet for equity to be finished, we really want quiet wherever in light of the fact that we don’t need what is happening that ruffians.”

After unrest on Tuesday night resulted in 31 arrests, 24 police officers being slightly injured, and approximately 40 cars being torched in clashes with officers in several Paris suburbs, more than 2,000 police will be stationed on estates outside of Paris and other major cities on Wednesday night as France prepares for additional protests.

After a demonstration in Nanterre, west of Paris, firefighters put out fires. After a demonstration in Nanterre, west of Paris, firefighters put out fires. Photograph: Zakaria Abdelkafi/AFP/Getty The teen, who will only be referred to as Nael, was driving on Tuesday morning when he was stopped for violating traffic laws, according to prosecutors.

Police at first revealed that one official had taken shots at the teen since he was driving his vehicle at him. However, a video that was shared on social media and verified by French news agencies quickly refuted this version of events.

In point of fact, the video captures the two police officers pointing a weapon at the driver while standing by the side of the stationary vehicle. It can be heard saying: You will be hit in the head by a bullet.

The official then, at that point, seems to shoot point empty shell as the vehicle unexpectedly drives off. Before collapsing, the vehicle moved a few dozen meters. Nael passed away soon after.

Linda, 40, who had dropped off her three-year-old daughter at school on Tuesday before witnessing the aftermath of the police shooting just meters from her child’s school, said, “It’s always the same people, the same ethnicities – that’s what’s bringing everyone out to protest and that’s why the whole world is talking about this.” Linda had witnessed the aftermath of the police shooting.

You will be judged differently if you are slightly of color or from an immigrant background. There are two distinct equity frameworks, that is the thing isn’t working.”

Linda, whose father is Algerian and she is of mixed race, stated: Individuals are exceptionally irate and extremely apprehensive. There’s a feeling of not having a real sense of security. There are some very competent police officers, but there is also this. It continues to work out.”

She dreaded agitation would forge ahead with Wednesday night. ” It will go off this evening too, wherever in France presumably. because residents of housing estates identify with this kind of injustice. Everyone has had enough of it.

She contrasted the temperament with the metropolitan uproars of 2005 when the passings of two young men stowing away from police in a power substation in Clichy-sous-Bois, north of Paris, set off a long time of distress on homes the nation over. She stated, It’s like 2005, a similar sort of thing – a teen – yet this time there is video film and informal communities.”

The wrath at the killing mirrors a more extensive column over police strategies in France. This year, France has seen two fatal shootings during traffic stops. At traffic stops, 13 people were killed, a record number. A tally by Reuters based on reports from police and prosecutors as well as documents from lawyers indicates that the majority of victims were Black or Arab. A police officer is still being questioned on Wednesday and is being investigated for voluntary homicide for shooting the teenager. The death has prompted an investigation by France’s human rights ombudsman, making it the sixth such investigation into similar incidents in 2022 and 2023.

According to Bouzrou, the investigation should be assigned to a different region to ensure impartiality, and the officer should be pursued for murder rather than manslaughter.

Patrick Jarry, the left-leaning mayor of Nanterre, stated that young people who clashed with police overnight “are probably thinking about retaliation after Nael’s death.” He said “a few public and confidential structures, including schools, have experienced huge and unsuitable harm, frequently irreversible”.

He continued: I’m interesting to everybody to stop this damaging winding, we should safeguard our areas, our common resources like structures that we’ve really buckled down together to assemble and remodel.”

Jarry stated that he wanted justice and offered support to Nael’s friends and family: We’ll help equity through assembling calmly, with legal advisors, in court and with every individual who holds equity to heart.”

Jeannine, 83, a retired IT worker who had lived in Nanterre’s Vieux Pont neighborhood for 50 years, had heard fireworks and fireworks being thrown at police and cars being burned.

She said: ” I’ve lived here for a really long time and there has never been a tiny difficult situation previously, it’s a tranquil region. However, by late yesterday afternoon, riot police had gathered here. Then, pallets and bins started to catch fire. Several cars were set on fire as residents removed their automobiles to park them further away.

Rabah, 64, a French-Algerian driver for a group that helped children with disabilities, stated, ” There is a temperament of genuine trouble. I’m worried about unrest, but I don’t want to be pessimistic. I truly trust it will not be local area against local area with lawmakers reaching out.”

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