France: A sassy novel written by a French minister ups the ante on Macron

France: A sassy novel written by a French minister ups the ante on Macron

An unequivocal sexual moment in a recently distributed novel by the French economy serve has left the public authority confronting new allegations it isn’t paying attention to the worries of the country similarly as it attempts to contain resentment regarding the disagreeable ascent in the benefits age.

The toe-twisting sexual depictions in the novel, Fugue Américaine, composed by the economy serve, Bruno Le Maire, have rankled resistance lawmakers and motivated enemy of government trademarks and spray painting at road shows as the public authority battles to contain the political emergency regarding Emmanuel Macron raising the base annuity age to 64.

The novel was published just a few hours before the country’s debt worthiness was downgraded by credit rating agency Fitch last week, fueling accusations from left-wingers that Le Maire had diverted his attention from the economy and inflation.

The minister’s book is a fictitious account of the pianist Vladimir Horowitz told through the journeys of two brothers to Cuba for one of his performances. However, a sexual scene in chapter 11 has caused Le Maire to be mocked by protesters and satirists in France.

The sex scene involving Julia, a character, was described as being met with “mockery and stupefaction” by France Info, a public broadcaster, and the headline of the French edition of the Huffington Post read, “Bruno Le Maire has written about an anus and no one was ready for this.”

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