First-aid training for OICGambia staff ends

First-aid training for OICGambia staff ends

By Cherno Omar Bobb

A 3-day First Aid training for staff and management of The Gambia OIC Secretariat and the Sir Dawda Kairaba Jawara International Conference Centre (SDKJ-ICC) on Wednesday concluded at SDKJ-ICC.

Following the completion of the training, participants were certified. The certification marks key preparation for the 15th OIC Islamic Summit to be held in Banjul later this year.

The training conducted by the Gambia Red Cross Society is a key step in ensuring that the staff of OIC Gambia and the SDKJ-ICC are better prepared to receive the delegates of the momentous Summit.

Yankuba Dibba, chief executive officer (CEO) OIC Gambia Secretariat who doubles as the head of SDKJ-ICC management congratulated participants and paid gratitude to the Gambia Red Cross Society.

He stated that the feedback he got from participants regarding the training was exceptionally good, with every participant saying that the training was timely, helpful and afforded them life skills that go beyond their time at the OIC.

He thanked Mr Senghore for his leadership as well as coming back to the country to contribute to its development. He said that they have finalised an MoU with GRCS that they will sign.

Alasan Senghore, secretary general of the Gambia Red Cross Society (GRCS) said saving lives and livelihoods of people is what Red Cross stands for.

He commended the OIC Secretariat leadership for ensuring that the environment and people are safe but also ensuing that in the event of an illness, accident or disaster anyone can act.

He observed that countries like The Gambia take First Aid and safety for granted. However, he hailed the OIC Secretariat leadership for taking the lead in training their staff and management.

SG Senghore pointed out that it is not enough for one to be trained on first aid because the person trained might need first aid. He therefore, called on everyone to have their family members undergo basic first aid training.

He revealed that they are on the verge of setting up a training institute to professionalise first aid training to various levels, including the training of para medics.  

“As a Red Cross, it is our duty to ensure that every Gambian resident is safe,” he also said.

Ndey Fatou Jobe, chairperson for logistics sub committee of the OIC Local Organising Committee said emergencies can happen at any moment and space, noting that it was important that their staff and management are equipped with the requisite skills and knowledge to deal with issues first hand if they happen before calling for help. 

She stated that one of the benchmark for their readiness plan for the OIC Summit (First Aid knowledge) has been met and therefore thanked the GRCS.


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