Ferries struggles to install new engines

Ferries struggles to install new engines

By Sulayman Waan

Information has reached The Point that three new engines of the Gambia Ferry Service Company alias Ferries have not been installed since arrival in the country over one month due to lack of technical-know-how.

“Three new ferry engines from Caterpillar Company in the United States have been delivered to ferries for about one month now but none of the engines has been installed due to lack of technical-know-how to install the engines,” a source familiar with the ferries disclosed to this medium.

“The Caterpillar engines are currently in a container at the Banjul Sea Port waiting for installation.”

The source further informed that the engines have not been installed because parts; such as propellers and steering electrical that are needed in the installation of the ferries’ engines are not available.

“The equipment is not available because the technicians lack the knowledge to order them from manufacturing companies. It requires skills and knowledge to order such equipment from the manufacturing company,” the source noted.

“Those materials should be available otherwise the engines will not be installed. Even if they are installed, they won’t work.

“The engine stand or engine mountain is not available and without it the engine cannot be installed,” our source noted.

Our source added that the Technical Department of Ferries lacks technical-know-how to order the parts from the manufacturing company.

When asked if Ferries have the finance to purchase the equipment, the source replied that the institution has no financial problem in acquiring such materials, justifying that the Gambia Port Authority (GPA) is funding Ferries to secure all needed equipment from producers.

“The ferries have no problem with regard to purchasing equipment,” our source further revealed.

 In another development, the source revealed that both Kunta Kinteh and Kanilai Ferries are operating on two engines, noting if one engine fails at sea passengers’ lives could be at high risk.

This reporter has tried to reach the Corporate Manager of Ferries multiple times to confirm the story but to no avail at the time of going to press.


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