Family of Ugandan missing in Rwanda desperate

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By Henry Sekanjako

Someone in Kigali whose phone number was concealed as ”private number” contacted Egessa’s employer in Kigali, asking about Egessa. The person wanted to know everything about him that his employer knew

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Ivan Egessa   MISSING PERSONS   Ivan Peter Egessa, a Ugandan Information Technology (IT) expert based in Kigali Rwanda, has been missing for 28 days and his family is desperate.   According to the family, Egessa who has been working as a software developer in Kigali since 2015, was last seen on December 10, last year.   “He went missing on December 10. Information reaching us from his employer and through social media (facebook) indicates that he could have been taken by Rwanda security operatives,” Emmanuel Musengeri, Egessa’s younger, said.   Egessa, who has been working with Up Type in Kigali, was living in a place called Remera near the airport.   “I last communicated with him on December 05, through Discord where we always discussed our software projects, but he also communicated with our elder sister, Annet Ajambo Kikomeko on December 08, through WhatsApp,” Musengeri told New Vision.   Egessa told Ajambo that he would return to Uganda for Christmas by December 22. However, the family said he has not been seen anywhere since that last communication.   After failing to get in touch with him on his known phone numbers, the family reached out to the immigration office in Uganda, whose record showed that Egessa last crossed the Uganda-Rwanda border last year on September 18, on his way to Kigali.   Someone in Kigali whose phone number was concealed as ”private number” contacted Egessa’s employer in Kigali, asking about Egessa. The person wanted to know everything about him that his employer knew, Musengeri said.   He said Egessa’s employer later discovered that the concealed number belonged to the immigration department after inquiring from the telecom service provider. He went to the immigration office to find out why he was being asked about Egessa.   The employer, according to Musengeri, then asked the Rwanda immigration officials the whereabouts of Egessa. However, they told him that they did not know where he was.   Journey to Rwanda Ajambo told New Vision that Egessa first went to Kigali, in August 2015 after he was contracted by a Rwandan local church, Christian Life Givers Church, to help with the church’s IT work.   “My brother was taken by the church under the leadership of Pastor Jolly Murenzi, who said he wanted a computer expert.   Eggesa got the job with the church. Along the way, he got other contacts through which he has been doing computer work for different companies, including some government agencies,” Ajambo said.   After establishing contact, Egessa, according to Ajambo, offered the church free services on voluntary basis as he concentrated on working for different companies.   “At home, it is I who talks to Egessa often, so I realised that he had disappeared after sending him messages and getting no response. The WhatsApp messages were unanswered.   After a while, I called his numbers and they were all switched off. It was then that I realised that something was wrong,” Ajambo said.   After his disappearance, the family established contact with his friends in Kigali, including Pastor Murenzi, but they all failed to trace Egessa.   Ajambo said efforts to engage Rwandese security authorities about the matter have been fruitless.   “We have failed to get hold of the security in Rwanda because we have to first engage security here. But what we have gathered is that he was interrogated by the Rwanda Inspection Bureau,” Ajambo said.   Police case The family has since reported the matter to the CID headquarters. Charles Twine, the CID spokesperson, confirmed that the case had been registered and investigations into the matter had commenced.   “The complainant came to us on December 29 and by last Thursday, it had been assigned. We investigate cases within our jurisdiction, but for those that are beyond our borders, we engage Interpol and the foreign affairs ministry,” Twine said.   Reuben Onyango, Egessa’s father, said the family had also petitioned the permanent secretary of the Ministry of East African Community Affairs and Julius Maganda, the Minister of State for East African Community Affairs.   “We have been advised to contact the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to liaise with the Rwandan embassy in Uganda to help find him,” Musengeri told New Vision yesterday. There were also reports of two other Ugandans missing in Rwanda.

Credit to New Vision.

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