Family files suit against Oba in Lagos over property

Family files suit against Oba in Lagos over property

By Zuleihat Owuiye, Mamos Nigeria

The Oyeyemi family has attacked the Oba of Lagos, King Liliwanu Akiolu, over their “ancestral property” located at 87 Dosem Street, Lagos Island.

Speaking to our correspondent on Sunday, the head of the family, Chief Mrs. Moriliat Onikoyi, said the family made every effort to gain access to the building for renovation purposes as the building was listed as next by the Lagos State Building Inspection Authority. He said he was doing it. He was classified as under stress and was stopped by someone suspected of taking orders from the Oba of Lagos.

A lease document dated May 20, 1989 and obtained by Punch Metro stated that the property would be handed over to the developer for management for 20 years, after which it would be returned.

The agreement was signed by six persons, including the then Ojora of Lagos, Taoridi Akanni. Mustapha Akinoru, Adeji Alomire and 3 others. In the document, the six were divided into three groups: Oluya, Adesina and Meku.

Meanwhile, more than 30 years later, when the 20-year lease expires, the Oyeyemi family, also members of the Aromia chiefdom of Lagos, are the only ones in possession of the ownership documents for the property. It is currently a freehold property. -Story building. The family shared the title document with our correspondent.

Onikoi said: “I was not there when my family (three others) gave this place to the developer. Coincidentally, the person who was our lawyer at the time is the current Chief Justice of Lagos At this point, the developer had already developed the property to some extent and should be allowed to use it for an agreed period of time and return the property, in accordance with the agreement with the representatives of the Alomire chieftains. One thing was agreed upon. When the agreement expired, we wrote to Kabisi (the king) about it, but he did not agree.

“We want to go to court, but the people are just trying to convince us not to go to court.

They are playing on unnecessary emotions and saying that the Oyeyemis are the owners of the property. “We inherited the property and have the title deed,” Onikoi said. What the King holds is an expiring lease that is valid only for the duration of the lease, which expires pursuant to a 20-year agreement.

“Once that contract expired, the developer was supposed to come see us, but he went to the king,” the source added.

“This home has been listed as ‘stressed’ by the state government and is struggling to meet renovation deadlines. “If it really was theirs, would they watch it fall apart?” she added.

Ms Onikoi said that when the family-run developer announced that they would begin renovation work on the building, the developer was blocked from doing so.

Two of the King’s aides declined to comment on the matter and referred our correspondent to the King.

One of the letters addressed to the Oyeyemi family from the palace, seen by our correspondent Ojora from Ijoraland, Lagos State, states that Oba Fatai Aremu has been asked by the king to look into the matter. It was written that.

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