Ex-president Wade calls for boycott of February 24 Presidential Election in Senegal

By Ousman A. Marong, just back from Senegal

Senegal’s former president Abdoulaye Wade, leader of the opposition PDS party has called for boycotting of the this year’s presidential election in Senegal.
Wade who arrived in Dakar on Thursday from his base in Paris, France has called for a peaceful protest against President Macky Sall’s regime. The 94-year-old former president is President Macky Sall’s number one opposition and has been very angry with Sall’s government for disqualifying his son Karim Wade from participating in the presidential election. He accused President Sall of being a corrupt and incompetent leader, adding that he will rig the elections.
Karim Wade spent 3 years in jail after which he was pardoned and exiled to Qatar where he is currently living. He is accused of embezzling public funds.
The former Mayor of Dakar Kalifa Sall who is also jailed for fraud, has been disqualified from partaking in the presidential election and is still serving his jail term.
The duo (Karim and Kalifa) are seen as biggest opponents and potential candidates who can unseat the incumbent president through the ballot box.
However, President Sall’s government has denied that their trials are politically motivated.
Speaking to Mamos Tv reporter in Kaolack, Mustapha Sowe, a strong supporter of former president Wade, said he has switched allegiance to the incumbent’s party APR which belongs to President Sall.
“I was one of those who associated themselves to Wade but let me tell you, effective from today, I am no more supporting Wade. I will now support President Macky Sall,” he declared.

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