Equipped men loot drivers in Lagos gridlock

Equipped men loot drivers in Lagos gridlock

By Zuleihat Owuiye, Mamos Nigeria

A driver, Samson Olanrewaju, has portrayed his experiences in the possession of cutlass and blade employing looters who went after him and denied him of his effects.

 Olanrewaju, , on Tuesday said the looters numbering up to seven burglarized him and different drivers in the Ido region, along the Third Central area Extension on Monday around 8.30pm.

 Olanrewaju, who is the Delegate Administrator of the African Activity Congress in the state, said, “I was returning from work at Lekki, so I drove down the Third Central area Extension towards Ido, near Ijora Olopa where the episode occurred. There was light traffic. Those folks were looting two vehicles in front of me as of now. I was unable to switch since there was traffic. I quickly ended up the glass to basically safeguard myself.

“However, when they got done with those two vehicles, I just heard sounds from the different sides of my vehicle, they broke the side windscreen and started requesting my telephone and different things. They entered and eliminated cash from my safe. They had cutlasses and blades. One of them eliminated everything in my safe, and carried off my power bank, an iPhone 6, and a PC.”

 Olanrewaju said his difficulty was additionally compounded when he raced to the police headquarters to report the episode and one of the police officers requested that he pay N3,000 for his report to be archived.

 Another casualty, Adetunji, who said he succumbed that very night, told our journalist that he lost N15,000, a wallet, and his telephone to the burglars.

 “It resembled a film. I have been catching wind of these parkway burglars yet I never expected that I would be a casualty. They exploited the traffic, appeared suddenly and began breaking individuals’ windows, they eliminated the side reflection of my vehicle.

“My telephone, cash and N15,000 were gone. I later returned home to figure out that my wallet was likewise not where I put it in the vehicle. They are little kids, some of them teens,” he said.

 Reached, the state Police Advertising Official, Benjamin Hundeyin, said the police in the space would survey their system to further develop security out and about.

 The PPRO said, “We have connected him (Olanrewaju) up with the DPO and they are working inseparably. He has given the DPO the vital data that will assist the DPO with surveying his enemy of wrongdoing technique in his space.

“We are chipping away at it and we trust that with the audit of his procedures, such will not repeat there.”

 He added that the cop that requested N3,000 had been recognized and welcome to the base camp while suitable disciplinary move would be initiated against her.

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