Equatorial Guinea to relocate Yahya Jammeh   

Equatorial Guinea to relocate Yahya Jammeh   

The government of Equatorial Guinea headed by Teodoro Obiang Ngueme Mbasogo has “accepted to relocate” Yahya Jammeh, ex-Gambian dictator from where he is currently hiding since his ouster from office in 2017. 

According to human right groups and officials familiar with the details, President Mbasogo, who is under intense pressure from the international community as well as from the world’s most distinguished and notable organisations is “finally considering to issue a private decree to that effect”.  

Following the startling and confidential revelation, this correspondent contacted an official “dealing with the issue” who disclosed that “Off course it is happening…Yahya Jammeh or his representative should be aware of the current development”.  

The official noted further: “The former Gambian leader may either be allowed to vacate voluntarily or be forced out of the country…the negotiations have been on-going since the beginning of the year”.  

Further investigation by The Point also disclosed that since the indictment in Switzerland of Ousman Sonko, former Interior Minister under Yahya Jammeh, “irrefutable and unquestionable evidence revealed indicated that the ex-Gambian dictator must also be charged, if true justice is to be served”.  

Consequently, following Sonko’s indictment, officials involved “contacted the authorities in Malabo, with some of the most vital evidences… to take responsibility and handover the main culprit…”  

In addition, the United Nations also formally recommended that all cases of “human right violations in The Gambia must be investigated and perpetrators prosecuted without further delay”.  

It is important to note that President Mbasogo who recently won a sixth term with an overwhelming margin of 98 percent of the votes counted is currently shifting from his previous grip on power.  

Even though Freedom House and other international observers described the voting as “neither free nor fair”, they unanimously agreed in rebuking Yahya Jammeh.  

But the rather cold relations between the former Gambian dictator and President Mbasogo, comes on the heels of the controversy over the constant demands by the international community and the world’s most powerful leaders to hand over his guest.  

Also, President Mbasogo is currently “engaging and reconciling” with the opposition both at home and abroad and is “shifting policy and strategy” to modernise his country.  

Consequently, the world’s longest ruling Head of State who has held power since 1979, following a military coup that disposed his uncle has pardoned several of his opponents including political prisoners, activists and journalists.  

Samuel Macias, Equatorial Guinea journalist residing in the UK, reacting to the news said: “People are not comfortable with Yahya Jammeh’s presence in the country, especially after the revelation made by the Gambian Truth Commission. 

The investigative reporter added: “Also, due to Mbasogo’s current old age as well as ambition to modernise the country and reshape its image before the world…he is no longer interested in anything that may further harm his reputation or drag him or his associates to a court-room in future”.

Source: The Point

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