Egypt: Egypt captures journalist after report on smuggling case

Egypt: Egypt captures journalist after report on smuggling case

By Ahmad Hadizat Omayoza, Mamos Nigeria

Egyptian authorities have captured journalist Karim Asaad after his reality checking administration had distributed articles blaming authorities for association in carrying money, weapons and gold to Zambia, the publication said Sunday.

Asaad was caught at his home in Greater  Cairo early Saturday following addressing over inclusion of the case, said an explanation from free site Matsada2sh.

His capture brings the quantity of journalists in the slammer in the Bedouin world’s most populous country to 24, as per Egypt’s public press union.

“Our partner, writer Karim Asaad… was captured after security powers wearing regular citizen garments raged his home” at 1:00 am on Saturday (2200 GMT on Friday), said Matsada2sh.

“They actually attacked his significant other, undermined their small kid, struck the condo, and afterward drove him away, powerfully vanished, to an undisclosed area.”

The organization of Egyptian columnists has approached specialists to “free” Asaad and to “reveal his ongoing area”.

There was no quick remark from the specialists.

As indicated by the Matsada2sh explanation, “before his capture, the main inquiries the attackers posed to our partner were connected with our breaking inclusion of the Zambia-Egypt plane story”.

The southern African country’s Drug enforcement Commission on Tuesday declared its officials had seized “a contracted airplane conveying hazardous merchandise” at Lusaka air terminal.

The plane was conveying almost $5.7 million as well as guns, ammo and 127 kilos (280 pounds) of “thought gold”, as indicated by the proclamation.

The Zambian authorities have captured 10 suspects, nine of them outsiders, it said.

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