“ECOMIG Is Providing Zero Internal Security In Gambia”- Says APRC Deputy Spokesman

Mamos Media

By Ousman A Marong

The APRC Deputy Spokesman, Dodou Jah, has said the ECOMIG Peacekeeping Mission is not providing any internal security in The Gambia.

“When you talk about internal security Ecomig is providing zero internal security in this country. They are only securing the President together with his close associates and his family but not the people of The Gambia,” the APRC Deputy Spokesman stated.

“People’s homes and shops are broken and entered without security. Where is Ecomig? People have been killed and robbed in broad daylight in our streets. where is the Ecomig,” he quizzed.

According to him, there were endless demonstrations and riots going on without Ecomig providing security in order to put a stop to them.

“What internal security are they talking about? It never exist and Ecomig is providing zero internal security in this country,” he asserted.

He added that the decision for the ECOMIG Forces to leave or stay in the country entirely depends on the Government who is in charge of the state of affairs.

Jah made these pronouncements recently during an encounter with The Mamos Media.

He adviced the Government to blend the national security with the Ecomig troops for them to work hand in glove.

“You cannot bring foreigners to be in charge of our security. That will never last long. If you don’t trust your own security then what is wrong with you as a leader,” asked Dodou Jah.

He said any leader that does not trust his people and the people could not trust him there would be absolute failure in the system.

“You cannot stabilised your economy if there is no security. Without security there can never be peace and without peace the country’s economy can never be stabilised. Let’s stop fooling one another there are people who even believe we have to downsize our security. I Dodou Jah said that would be a disaster to this country,” he concludes.

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