Draught Competition coordinator briefs NAYCONF Daily

Draught Competition coordinator briefs NAYCONF Daily

By Sulayman Waan

As the National Youth Conference and Festival (Nayconf) sports activities progress swiftly, Gibril Martin, coordinator for the NAYCONF Draught Competition has given updates on the procedures of the cerebral game.

The NAYCONF is a biennial gathering that brings the nation’s youth together to discuss issues affecting their lives as well as their role in national development. The conference affords youth, through their accredited representations the opportunity to discuss matters of common interest, and their role in national development. 

 The youth gathering also comprises various sports activities including football, volleyball, athletics competitions, and drought. The draught is often played in various towns across the country like any other sport in The Gambia.

The game is play on a draught board. Draught players develop skills in the game; they must learn how to solve problems to win. Players must be able to predict the opponent’s next move and must be able to pick out possible moves during every stage of play.

However, Mr. Martin also a specialist on draught gave synopsis of the game in the ongoing national youth convergent. He described the draft game as a technical game that requires critical thinking and high concentration.  

The draught technician said this year’s NAYCONF marked the 13th edition of draught tournament in the country, justifying that the game had started since the beginning of the biennial youth gathering 13 years ago.

“Every region has sent two participants. We have given all participants guiding principle of the game and they have read it. This was to ensure they abide by the rules and regulations of the game,” he said.

According to him, all regions have sent two participants except West Coast and Lower River Regions which are able to produce only one participant each. “In total, we should have had 14 participants but we have 13,” he noted.

He said the tournament is a round-robin league format that will have nine games in totality. This means all will play each other and then the one with the highest point will be declared the winner of the tournament,” he explained.

When asked whether the winner of the tournament has financial benefit, Mr. Martin replied that the Local Organizing Committee (LOC) is the body that determines whether victors will be compensated and what form of compensation.

Moving forward Mr. Martin said the draught committee is looking forward to seeing the game introduce in the country’s educational curriculum to ensure children learn how to play it. 

He said hence the game requires critical thinking it will force students into calculation and improve their performance on cunning subjects such as math and physic.

However, the technician is certain authorities may not like to introduce the game in the country’s syllabus, saying: “They might say draught is just a waste of time and not important.”

Highlighting the importance of the game, he said draught is played internationally. He called on authorities to consider the game.


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