DLS, GUBA ink Memorandum of Understanding

DLS, GUBA ink Memorandum of Understanding

By Cherno Omar Bobb

The Department of Livestock Services (DLS), Ministry of Agriculture and Gam United Breeders Association (GUBA) on Tuesday signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) on animal health.

The occasion also witnessed the handing over of 3 motorcycles procured by GUBA for para veterinary professionals to ensure they are able to carry out their duties effectively.

Dr Abdou Ceesay, director general for the Department of Livestock Service in his remarks said that the government through the Ministry of Agriculture and Department of Livestock Services is out to promote the development of livestock in the country, adding that they want to work and give support to every stakeholder who is into livestock production in the country.

He stated that they are ready to support in improving production and productivity of livestock in the country.

DG Ceesay pointed out that livestock and small ruminant are important to the socioeconomic development of the country, adding that small ruminants especially sheep play a key role in Gambia’s socio cultural aspect particularly during feasts like Tobaski when every family is expected to get a ram to sacrifice for the Eid Ul-Adha feast.

He admitted that the country faces challenges of meeting the demand of supplying enough rams for citizens during this time, noting that it is therefore important that they promote in-country initiatives that would ensure enough rams in the country.

He further said that different breeds are produced in the country and among them is the “jalonkeh” which forms the majority. However, its productivity is low and therefore, they have put up strategies for the encouragement of other breeds to meet the demand for ram in the country.

He expressed government’s readiness to support the association in all that it requires to ensure the country meets its demand for small ruminant particularly rams.

He also said that government faces human resource challenges in veterinary service delivery and therefore thanked GUBA for complementing government efforts.

Mustapha John, president Gam United Breeders Association said they have several initiatives they plan to implement, adding that they are excited that they are able to deliver on the first one which is animal health.

He noted that they hope the para veterinarians will be very responsive and take their roles seriously.  “Our members and all livestock breeders in the country need your services,” he further told the veterinarians.

Mr John thanked the Department of Livestock Services for their partnership but pointed out that they need support in the implementation of some of their activities.

He also expressed their readiness to work on facilitating further trainings for their members to have the requisite knowledge on how to breed other rams. He also thanked their members who supported them in procuring the motorcycles.


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