Disgruntled police officers complain about ‘unfair distribution’ of newly donated vehicles

Mamos Media


Reports reaching this medium have indicated that some of the new vehicles that the Ministry of Interior donated to the Gambia Police Force were distributed to some officers within the force instead of giving it to the police stations that were in need of the vehicles.

Acorrding to our sources who wished to remain anonymous, the police senior management requested for support of vehicles from the Ministry of the Interior to equip some of its stations that were in need of vehicles and the Ministry responded positively.

Disgruntled police officers reaching out to this medium say 16 out of the 28 donated venhicles were given to the police, whilst the remaining one were given to the Prisons Department and Gambia Fire and Rescue Services.

“Most of the officers who received these vehicles are using them as private cars which is not correct. A lot of abnormal things are happening in the police. We have seen some people who are using police resources doing private business with the public for their personal gains. This practice has been here for so long and it must be stopped,“ said one of the sources.

When contacted to shed light on the issue, the police spokesperson Superintendent David Kujabi said the Gambia Police Force's senior management know better the logistics needs of the Gambia Police Force.

“Therefore the police managemnet distributed the donated vehicles in accordance to urgent logistical needs of the force,“ he remarked.

Picture; Police PRO Supt. David Kujabi. 

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