Defense minister ‘unaware’ of Gambia’s contribution to ECOMIG

Defense minister ‘unaware’ of Gambia’s contribution to ECOMIG

The Minister for Defense, Sering Modou Njie has told deputies that he was not aware of any contribution that The Gambia government is making towards the upkeep of the ECOMIG Forces in this country.

However, he added that The Gambia is fully compliant with the requirement of the ECOWAS protocol on community levy.

Responding to a question regarding delay in the Security Sector Reform (SSR) process, the Defense minister said that the coordination and implementation of the ongoing security sector reform processes is under the office of national security headed by the national security adviser.

“It is important to note that significant achievements and progress have been registered in the SSR process especially in the area of capacity building ad institutional development by the security services,” Defense Minister acknowledged, adding “there has been a lot of capacity building and institutional development with the security services.”

“On the side of the Defense, the defense sector has been limited to their constitutional mandate – that is to preserve, present, protect and defend the territorial integrity of the country.”

He stated that the office of the national security adviser has already been established and a security adviser has been appointed to lead the security sector reform process.

“The government has also committed a lot of resources in making sure the funding of the SSR process is being implemented with other international partners.”

Source: The Point

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