Dear President

Dear President

I am writing to express my concern and disappointment with the way that you have ignored the health and education sectors of our country. As a leader, it is your responsibility to prioritize the well-being and development of our citizens, and yet you have consistently failed to do so.

Your lack of attention to these crucial areas has had devastating consequences for our people. The healthcare system is in disarray, with inadequate resources and facilities to meet the needs of the population. Meanwhile, the education system is struggling, with outdated curricula and inadequate support for teachers and students.

Furthermore, your decision to surround yourself with members of the former dictatorship is alarming and unacceptable. These individuals are not qualified to lead our country, and their presence in your inner circle only serves to undermine the progress we have made towards democracy and the rule of law.

I implore you to take action and prioritize the health and education sectors of our country. The future of our nation depends on it.


Lamin samateh


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