CRR farmers impatient over delay in groundnut purchase

CRR farmers impatient over delay in groundnut purchase

Farmers in various communities within the Central River Region (CRR) have disclosed to The Point that their bags of groundnut have been weighed by government but they are yet to receive their monies.

They have expressed disappointment with The Gambia government for not buying their groundnut on the spot.

According to Essa Danso, a native of Tankong Kunda, they expected government to buy their groundnut without delay. However, he said they were told that money had finished at the ‘Secco’.

He further said that only the first few people who weighed their groundnut received their monies.

Adama Sey, a native of Changai Torro, said that they have regretted weighing and leaving their groundnut at the government’s purchase points.

However, he admitted that government is buying groundnut at a better price this year compared to local dealers.

He therefore called on government to make the money available as soon as possible because that is what they depend on as sustenance.

Other Seccos in Bansang, Demfai, Kolly Kunda, Wassu, Karantaba and Sameh Puchonki all face similar situation at the time of going to press, according to our correspondent.

Source: The Point

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