CoPG declares fresh protest date

CoPG declares fresh protest date

The Coalition of Progressive Gambians (CoPG) – a pressure group in The Gambia has announced it will stage a peaceful protest on 17 June 2023 within the Greater Banjul Area (GBA) over what they described as “the high cost of living and corruption among others.

The group has also claimed that they would no longer negotiate with the government.

The protest according to CoPG, is necessitated by the rising cost of living which it says is “very high and unbearable,” as well as the level of rampant corruption in the government of The Gambia as stipulated in the Auditor General’s reports.

The group, which has submitted a permit request on 9 May to the Police has vowed to protest with or without the police permit.

Salestine Kujabi, the acting secretary general of CoPG, who was speaking at a press conference held at Charles Lwanga Hall at Fajikunda yesterday, said: “Gambians have got enough of the lack of transparency and the corrupt practises affecting our institutions which provide much needed valuable and very important social services to the people of this country. We therefore call on all authorities concerned to act swiftly to address these demands as we have reviewed our activity and plan to come out on June 17th of 2023 on a peaceful protest and we will persist until our demands are considered.”

“When Gambians voted for change they wanted to realise change for the better. Never again will the people sit back and watch the country slide back to the system that deprived them from their fundamental rights, freedom and decent living.”

“The CoPG seized this opportunity to call on all relevant partners and stakeholders to support this noble and worthy cause of building a better Gambia for all. We also stand in solidarity with team GOMSABOPA and pledge our support in their call for the reduction of the high traffic imposed by NAWEC upon all the population which is struggling with poverty. We will also call on all authorities involved to take up concern with urgency as a predicament for stability, peace and security we all wish for our dear country.”

“We are also concerned that the recent elections irregularities highlighted in our subsequent press release coupled with the high cost of living and the massive increment of the energy and water tariffs are issues of great and urgent concern which has prompted this press conference. Gambians have got enough of the lack of transparency and corrupt practices affecting the institutions valuable social services to the citizens,” he posited.

“We believe the Public Utility Authority (PURA) should also stop going after radio stations. The radio stations are getting their news from the newspapers. In fact, PURA should concentrate on the high cost of traffic and also try to regulate the GSM operators,” Seedy Cham, the pressure group’s National Chairman said.

Source: The Point

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