Congo: In excess of 400 individuals currently affirmed dead subsequent to flooding in DRC

Congo: In excess of 400 individuals currently affirmed dead subsequent to flooding in DRC

By Ahmed Hadizat

In the Democratic Republic of the Congo’s South Kivu province, severe flooding and landslides last week claimed the lives of at least 411 people.

In Kalehe, where the flooding occurred, efforts to rescue residents and recover bodies are continuing. Some homes, schools, and hospitals have collapsed, degenerated into unsafe conditions, or both. Others were completely carried away.

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Ulrich Crepin Namfeibona, the emergency coordinator for Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) in South Kivu, asserted, “There are some places that had houses, but you look at them now and can’t imagine that there was anything there before.” These areas once contained dwellings.

The heavy rains cleared out whole towns, alongside fields of harvests and animals, leaving networks staggering. There are still approximately 5,500 missing people, and thousands of survivors are homeless.

The disaster has forced residents of the Bushushu and Nyamukubi villages, which have been hardest hit, to walk long distances to nearby villages, some of which are three hours away. The severely damaged paths in the area prevent even motorcycles from getting around.

According to Namfeibona, “some of them have relatives in the other villages, but some go there without knowing anyone.”

The framework in Kalehe is poor, which can make correspondence and access troublesome when such fiascos happen. There were approximately 150 injuries that required medical attention.

“My greatest concern is medical services for the harmed patients,” said Namfeibona. ” Yesterday, more than 30 required emergency surgery, for which nearby hospitals lack the technical capacity.

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