Christoph Discusses Bucky Raw’s Beef and the Reason Behind his Silence

Christoph: “All Bucky’s beef songs were trash.”

-Leaves reunion door open for ex-girlfriend Benita Urey

Christoph is not an artist that is known to shy away from beef but did so when self-proclaimed Trapco king rapper Bucky Raw dropped four explosive beef records against him a month earlier.

The Hold Your Polaruh crooner will go down in history for bringing recognition to beef, but his decision not to reply to Bucky Raw came as a shock to many.

However, in a wide-ranging interview with LIB Life, Christoph said Bucky’s beef tracks were all trash and, for that reason, he decided not to give it credence by replying to it.

Christoph added: “All Bucky’s beef songs  were all trash, therefore they were not good enough for my reply.  Bucky was trying to get relevance out of my fame by beefing me, and I decided not to pay attention to it.

“The other reason is that I’m working on a lot of projects which is dear to my career and do not want to get distracted from it by responding to  some beef tracks.”

Christoph further said that CO.Z’s  beef records, his one-time musical enemy, was far better than Bucky’s beef songs and were worth eliciting a reply from him.

“I’m very careful of getting involved into any beef, because I’m aware that the same thing that brought you up can bring you down,” he said.

Although Christoph has not yet reply to Bucky, the rapper said he supports the recently released beef song by Revolutions and Feouls against the self-proclaimed Trapco king but denied that it was he that masterminded the song.

“Whether today or tomorrow, I have no plan to Bucky’s trash he called beef songs. I have better things to do than to reply to something that is worthless and which, if given a reply, will give it relevance.

Bucky’s Apology and the future

On Bucky’s apology for beefing him, Christoph said the Facebook apology by the Trapco rapper is something that he cannot accept since it was not done properly.

“If he wanted to issue an apology, he should have called me personally, not on Facebook. I considered his move as a mere publicity stunt to promote his beef songs which were not a hit.

“Under no circumstance, Bucky and I will never become friends. This means I have no intention of working with him now or in the future. He is not someone who can improve my game, so working or befriending him will be a waste of time.

On ex-relationship with Benita and music

Christoph, in an unprecedented move, accused his ex-girlfriend Benita Urey, who is the co-founder of the social media blog “Liberian Influence,” of deleting his Instagram account, which had over 20k followers.

He added that Benita was the only person who had access to his Instagram account passport and that he still doesn’t know the reason why she did it.

“We have no disagreement and I didn’t expect that kind of action from her.  It is something I can easily forgive her for,” the rapper said.

Meanwhile, Christoph also denied reports that his breakup with Benita, who is the daughter of former resident candidate Benoni Urey, happened due to him having an extra affair outside of their relationship.

The rapper also revealed that since the breakup, the relationship between both of them has soured to the extent that they are not on good speaking terms.

“It’s sad that we do not have that kind of cordial relationship but that’s life, and I’m open to a reunion in the near feature if that is possible,” he said.

When asked about why his music contains a lot of explicit lyrics, Christoph said it is not his wish to do such a music but that it is what people demand.

“I make music based on the environment and what the fans demand. I don’t have a choice if the fan wants street music,” Christoph added.

Culled Daily Observer Liberia.

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