Ceesay to expand opportunities to youth, neglected groups

Ceesay to expand opportunities to youth, neglected groups

By Cherno Omar Bobb

Seedy Sheriff Ceesay, the candidate for the National People’s Party (NPP) for Brikama Area Council (BAC) chairmanship in the April-May Local Government Elections, has said his chairmanship will be characterised by “delivery, delivery, delivery, for everyone”.

He added that, as a Council their resources are limited, reasons for which he is called upon to be resourceful. “We will look for support from a mixture of private, voluntary and public sector funders, working collaboratively with them to expand opportunity to youth, women and groups that have been neglected for too long,” he said on Tuesday at Woodpeckers Hotel and Resorts during his endorsement by the Gambia Amputee Association.

He stated:  “My vision for BAC will be centred on a well-governed Local Government Area resourced with the right team that can help meet the challenges we face; a living, vibrant Council that can accommodate a growing population, and provide it with the leadership it requires to prosper; a working Council that can attract investment and deliver growth, while enabling all citizens to share in prosperity, and a sociable Council that sustains a rich and inclusive common life, with attractive and clean streets, markets and neighbourhoods.”

He assured the PWDs – persons with disabilities – that he would embrace their cause and fight to the fullest for their rights to education, skills training, access to jobs, health care and basic amenities. 

“I shall vindicate the confidence you have in me with a performance in office that you will be proud of,” he promised.

According to Ceesay, he decided to throw his hat into the ring to become the next Chairman of Brikama Area Council because he wants to join those in public office who want to drive the rhetoric of New Gambia to its reality and fulfillment, a Gambia of economic development, political freedom and stability.

However, he said the country would not achieve its national goals without social inclusion and providing equal opportunities for everyone. 

“Your cause for inclusion, dignity and respect, is at the heart of my political commitments,” he told the PWDs, adding that the government of “Adama Barrow has set us on the right track” to mainstream the interests of disadvantaged groups by assenting to the Persons with Disabilities Bill and making it a law.

He said further that as Chairman of BAC, he would create a platform where all groups would be represented in discussing issues that affect their Local Government Area.

“We will work together with all stakeholders to create an equitable society embedded in the creed that ‘no one should be left behind’,” he stated.

Ceesay, who spent significant part of his life in public service both at home and abroad, said: “An amputee may have lost a limb, but he or she has not lost a brain. And what the country needs right now is to harness all talents at its disposal.”


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