Car dealer receives false warning, customer flees during test drive

Car dealer receives false warning, customer flees during test drive

By Zuleihat Owuiye, Mamos Nigeria

A car dealer, Mr Olatubosun Gafaru, has been shipwrecked after sending a fake warning of N6.2 million to his customer, Mr Segun Opeyemi, and fleeing in one of his cars in Ijebu Ode area of ​​Ogun State.

PUNCH Metro reports that Opeyemi visited Ghaffar’s office last Wednesday and told him that he was interested in purchasing the 2014 Toyota Camry and Spyder models that were parked on the premises. understood.

The 39-year-old man said Opeyemi returned on Thursday morning, paid for the car and sent him a receipt via WhatsApp messenger.

However, Ghaffar explained that after making the payment, Opeyemi asked him to test drive the car and withdraw money from a nearby bank.

He added that although they rode together in the car, things changed again when Mr Opeyemi called his mother and told her that she was coming to meet him in a new car.

Gafar explained further that at that point, he got a call from the office asking them to return and collect the receipt and new number plate for the car, but Opeyemi refused, insisting that he did not want to keep his mother waiting at an alleged Sawmill bus stop, in Ijebu Ode.

The buyer pleaded with the car dealer, gave him N50,000 and told him he would return in 10 minutes for the receipt and number plate, so he (Gafar) alighted and Opeyemi zoomed off.

Gafar said, “On Wednesday, around 4 pm at Ijebu Ode, beside Spicy Chicken, a man came into the office, saw a Spider Toyota Camry, a 2014 model and said he liked it and was interested in buying it.

“While he was checking the car, a friend I know called him and told him that they had found another car, that he should come to check it out and he collected my number and left.

“Thirty minutes later, he called me that he didn`t like the car he went to see, and that he would come the next morning to buy my car.

“On Thursday morning he came and tested the car and said he liked it. He informed me that he had transferred the agreed 6.2 million naira to my account and sent me a receipt via WhatsApp.

“I called someone to change the owner and license plate.

“While we were waiting for the guy to come, he went to the nearby First Bank. He withdrew a small amount of cash from the branch and said he was going to give it to the boys. I accepted the offer but sat in the car with him.

“When we got to the bank, There was a huge rush and the bank said I should go ahead and see if I could find a dealer to exit.

“As I was driving there, I called my mother and told her that I had bought a car and that I was going to pick her up at the sawmill and that she would like me to get in first.

“I immediately got a call from someone from the office. and said that the person who was supposed to do the number plates was waiting for us, so I told him to turn back so we could do it.”

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