Buhari goes to farm four days a week’ – Garba Shehu

Buhari goes to farm four days a week’ – Garba Shehu

By Zuleihat Owuiye, Mamos Nigeria

Garba Shehu, media helper to the previous President Muhammadu Buhari, uncovered that his chief has been investing his energy away from office taking care of his homestead in Daura, Katsina State.

In a statement that was made public on Thursday and was titled “One Hundred Days after Buhari,” Shehu made this clear.

Shehu said Buhari decided to remain in Daura to be far away from Abuja all together not to occupy the new APC organization and with the expectation that the distance will make it feasible for him to have a decent rest.

The assertion peruses, “He goes to the homestead four days of the week and is cheery about how well the yields and his creatures are currently doing. He gets some rest, but the visits haven’t stopped. To deal with the numbers, he has a week after week program drawn for him as they did while he was in the Manor.”

According to Shehu, the former president has a plethora of “special guests,” which include members of the party, grassroots organizations, farmers, artisans, artists, praise singers, nurses and doctors, religious leaders, community leaders, and a number of other professionals.

Shehu additionally said pundits have would not recognize to recognize the accomplishments of Buhari when he was in power.

“There has not been a solitary region that had not been moved by the Buhari government. In the past eight years, there have been a lot of positive changes, but as the saying goes, it’s harder to wake up someone who is sleeping than someone who is actually sleeping.

“Bullies who attacked governments and “something dropped” will continue to irritate Buhari out of resentment over missed opportunities,” according to the statement. A specific Buhari “pundit” who served a Tactical Lead representative in one of the Northern States, even his clothing was purchased from government cash safes. At the point when they came in they liberated criminals, burglars and recipients of taken merchandise and even gave them a functioning capital.

“Inside half a month, wrongdoing got back to Kaduna, and indeed, different spots and he has the boldness to talk as he did. This general public has no need for such terrible hogwash!

“President Tinubu, a shrewd legislator, will similarly see through their disguise. Muhammadu has done his part and left. History will pass judgment on him, and reasonably I think,” Shehu said.

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