Brazil: Brazil’s police who are investigating a coup attempt question Jair Bolsonaro

Brazil: Brazil’s police who are investigating a coup attempt question Jair Bolsonaro

By Ahmad Hadizat Omayoza, MAMOS Nigeria

After being questioned by federal police as part of a criminal investigation into the alleged coup attempt that occurred in January, Brazil’s former president, Jair Bolsonaro, claimed that he had shared a video questioning the outcome of last year’s election “by mistake.” This has led to ridicule from his political adversaries.

On Wednesday morning, nearly four months after thousands of hard-core supporters rioted in the capital, Brasilia, in what the new administration called a “failed coup” intended to reinstall the far-right former army captain as president, Bolsonaro spent more than two hours with police investigators.

The pro-Bolsonaro riot didn’t work, and his leftist rival Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, who won the election last year, is still in power.

In any case, government agents are presently attempting to recognize and rebuff the culprits of January’s savagery as well as the monetary patrons and coordinators of the strife.

Flávio Dino, Lula’s justice minister, stated earlier this week that he believed “traitorous” army generals were involved in the conspiracy. Dino stated, “They go about calling themselves patriots, but they are traitors.”

Bolsonaro had to show up before police authorities on Wednesday morning over a video he shared on Facebook two days after the 8 January uprising that guaranteed – without evidence – that the political decision he lost had been manipulated by constituent specialists.

According to reports in Brazilian media, Bolsonaro told investigators that he had accidentally republished the video while under the influence of morphine after being taken to a hospital in the United States.

Daniel Tesser, Bolsonaro’s lawyer, told reporters that the former president “rejected any kind of anti-democratic deed” or behavior that tried to shake up the democratic system.

Rivals of the previous president – who has a long and indisputable history of subverting Brazil’s popularity based foundations and electronic democratic framework – laughed at those cases.

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