Big Dreams supports New Jeshwang Health Centre

Big Dreams supports New Jeshwang Health Centre

By Cherno Omar Bobb

Big Dreams Incorporated (BDI), a non-profit organisation founded in Georgia, USA, in 2011 on Wednesday donated medical items worth over fifty thousand dalasis to New Jeshwang Community Health Centre.

The non-profit organisation in recent years has been committed to improving the health and lives of people in both the United States and The Gambia.

BDI believes that access to health care must be universal, guaranteed for all on equitable basis as well as affordable and comprehensive for everyone, and physically accessible where and when needed.

In presenting the materials to beneficiaries, Pa Lamin Sawo, public relations officer for Big Dreams Incorporated (BDI) said it was a pleasure for BDI to assist the health centre that needed the support.

He thanked founders of the organisation, its US executive and board members for always supporting needy Gambians.

He added that over the years, the charitable organisation has organised several free medical missions and offered free medical treatment to thousands of Gambians as well as supported education in the country.

Sukai Jallow, officer-in-charge at New Jeshwang Health Centre expressed appreciation with the generosity and thanked the organisation.

She noted that the donation was timely.  “Health is everybody’s business because government cannot do it all alone. We are a community clinic and need everybody’s help,” she added.

She assured donors that the materials would be used for the purpose they are donated for.

Bakary Kanyi, ward development committee secretary general said medicines are expensive and therefore thanked Big Dreams Incorporated for donating to them such materials. “These are the kind of gestures we need in the country,” he added.

He called on others to emulate BDI in complementing government efforts.

Alagie Jobe, in deputising for the community Alkalo and Ward Councillor said they have been yearning for the gesture for a long time and therefore on behalf of the community thanked Big Dreams Incorporated (BDI.)

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