Barrow announces plan to provide 200 tractors for farmers

Barrow announces plan to provide 200 tractors for farmers

President Adama Barrow has reaffirmed his government’s commitment to addressing the challenges the country’s farmers encounter, announcing that his government is working on plans to bring into the country 200 tractors for farmers.

Barrow, who was speaking recently in Farafenni during a visit to the workshop of Alhagie Cham, a local welder in the metropolitan area who has  employed dozens of young people, said: “My government is working on bringing 200 tractors in the country during the first phase of the initiative. However, beneficiaries of the tractors would have to pay 25% and the government will also be paying another 25%. The remaining 50% will be paid by instalment when the beneficiary starts working.” 

The president said the 200 tractors would be distributed to farmers across the country, adding that the move will boost production and productivity, ease the challenges farmers are encountering in terms of farming equipment, and also increase their produce.

The Gambian leader thanked the welder for his contribution to nation building, saying: “The government will continue to support and create the environment conducive for young people of this country to explore their potentials. The government will support you because what you are doing here is creating employment opportunities for youths of the country. We will work with the Ministry of Lands and Regional Government in ensuring that you have enough space that will accommodate all your materials.”

In his responsive remarks, the welder Alhagie Cham commended President Barrow for the visit and support, saying: “Lack of electricity was one of the issues affecting us so much. Before the coming of this government, we found it difficult to do our work properly. In fact, sometimes we had to cross the border to Senegal in order to do our work.”

That has now become a thing of the past, he said, recalling the harder days: “We used to have enough electricity only during the visit of the then President or Vice President. There was even a time when former Vice President Isatou Njie Saidy visited Jarra Soma, we had to take our materials there during her two days of visit in order to do our work.”

Japan-Gambia relationship

President Adama Barrow, who was also speaking during a visit to the Project for Rural Water Supply at Kerr Sulay village funded by the Japan government, spoke highly of the relationship that exists between the two countries, saying: “The Gambia and Japan relationship is of mutual benefits and cordial. Japan has been a key partner and has been very supportive of the Gambia government since the 1960s.” 

The Gambia government, he said, has benefited from the assistance and support of the government of Japan. “The Government of Japan has been supporting a lot of social projects in the country,” he appreciated. “Therefore, the importance of having clean and potable drinking water in this community can’t be over-emphasised, as water is fundamental and essential.” 

He maintained that clean and potable drinking water has been a challenge for inhabitants of the area, adding: “I am happy that upon the completion of the project, the struggle for water will become a thing of the past as the facility can last for over 30 years. I can tell you that the Japanese government is contributing immensely towards the development of this country. I am also happy that the contractor is doing an amazing job and also has a cordial working relationship with the community.”

He reiterated in appreciation, saying: “The Japanese government has been very supportive of The Gambia government and I am quite optimistic that they will continue supporting the government.”

In his remarks in recognition of President Barrow’s productive relations, the village alkalo Ismaila Jallow said: “I want to thank President Barrow and most importantly the government of Japan for providing us with the water project, which has been a nightmare for the village since its establishment. The consultant Japan Techno Co Limited is also doing excellent work at the village.”

Visit to Laboratory Science complex at Kaur

President Barrow and delegation also later visited the Laboratory Science complex at Kaur. Officials said the science lab provided an opportunity for schools within the region and the country at large to be doing their practical work.

After taking a tour of the facility, the President thanked the MRC Holland Foundation for supporting the country’s education for the past years, saying, having the facility in the rural part of the country is part of his government’s efforts in the decentralisation process. “I want to also urge you to take care of the facility and ensure its sustainability,” he appealed.

A very appeasing account about the Kaur Senior Secondary School and its lab was relayed to the president and his entourage by the school principal, Ahmed Jeng Sey. “Most of the good students were going to the Greater Banjul Area due to the lack of labs, especially for our science students,” he narrated. “However, now they can stay here. In fact, other students from different schools are even coming here and using the lab for their practical purposes. Again, our science students are now performing well. The equipment that we have in the lab are not even in some labs in the Kombo.”

Source: The Point

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