Baba Jaiteh Kaba Foundation holds 2nd annual family reunion

Baba Jaiteh Kaba Foundation holds 2nd annual family reunion

By Sulayman Waan

Baba Jaiteh Kaba Foundation of Kartong, Kombo South last Saturday convened its second annual family reunion at a ceremony held at a local lodge.

The theme for this year’s annual gathering was ‘Unity is Strength’. Also, the gathering which has now become an annual affair, attracted members of Jaiteh clan and their close relatives in Kartong and other communities across the country.

The annual event seeks to reinforce the existing relationship and brotherhood among the Baba Jaiteh Kunda family and create a platform where the Jaiteh family will know one another and network.

Welcoming the gathering, Hatab Jaiteh, spokesperson for the Baba Jaiteh Kaba Foundation, said the annual reunion enables descendants of the Jaiteh clan to know one another and enhance their relationship.

“Without this, one day our blood relation will vanish and Baba Jaiteh’s descendants’ would not be able to know each other better.” he said.  

The Jaiteh Kunda descendants, he added, have gained boundless benefits in the annual event, making reference to the fact that this has compelled many youngsters to know each other.  

Amie Fat Jaiteh, a descendant of the Baba Jaiteh, advised members of the Jaiteh clan to unite collectively to sustain the existing relationship among them. 

 Pa Kebba Touray, another descendant of the Jaiteh Kunda Family, commended members for conceiving the idea to stage such an important event.

He thus advised them to work hard to ensure the sustainability of the annual event. 

This reunion conference, he alluded to, would help strengthen unity among members while also enabling the younger generation to better know each other. 

Nanki Touray, also a descendant of Jaiteh Kunda Family, thanked members for organising the annual event, further advising them to remain united, and maintain peace among themselves. 

This, she said would enable them to attain their goals in the unification process.

Ousman Jaiteh, founder of the Jaiteh Kaba Foundation, reminded that the foundation was established to reunite the Jaiteh Kunda clan and their close relatives. 

“This event will enable us to know our history as well as help to enhance our relationship.” he said. 

Jaiteh thus called on the members to regularly participate in the foundation’s activities to ensure its sustainability. 

He revealed that part of the foundation’s activities is to provide social support to residents of Kartong, especially in the area of health and education to enhance development in the coastal settlement. 


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