APRC Expects No Positive Response From AU and UN For Jammeh’s Return

Mamos Media

By Ousman A Marong

The APRC Deputy Spokesman, Dodou Jah, said his party is not expecting any positive response from AU and UN to pressure the Barrow led Government to honour the ‘Agreement’ with the exile former President Yahya Jammeh.

According to the APRC Deputy Spokesman, the Agreement was to facilitate the possible return of the former Gambian leader to the country as a honorable statesman.

“To be quite honest, we are not expecting anything positive on that move. We made that peaceful demonstration to actually see what their stands would be, whether they would honour the democracy that they are calling is something that runs in their veins,” said Dodou Jah, the APRC Deputy Spokesman.

The APRC stalwart has told The MAMOS Media that they are not expecting anything positive on Jammeh’s return as a honorary statesman but it is for the party to strategise to take counter measures.

“We are planning in the near future to have a meeting on the way forward on the MoU which was agreed,” he remarked.

According to the promising politician there is nothing to boast about as a young politician. 

“Credibility would be a question, especially when it comes to the AU, ECOWAS and the UN. God forbid if any other African country happened to be in chaos due to elections or otherwise how would they mediate? Would they respect their promises as they did to The Gambia and throw it in the dustbin,” the APRC Deputy Spokesman said.

Deputy Spokesman Jah referred to the recent Malian crisis as to whether they would listen to the ECOWAS. He said the time has come for Africa to start practicing what it preaches.

“When you call for democracy, you should practically impliment it along with human rights, equal rights and justice. It shouldn’t be a pick and choose on which leader or country you honour or value above the other. It always pays back,” he remarked.

When asked whether APRC is planning to get Jammeh back as President by all means possible, he answered in the affirmative but added that the decision would be made by him upon his return. He adduced that they would keep on pushing till the laws of this country would not prevent him from coming back.

“Government is politizing his coming and some are with the believe that if Jammeh comes back before elections is not good for President Barrow and therefore, his popularity is going to decrease so for that been the case they don’t want any time soon for Jammeh to return. For us we, believe its not about politics and the laws of this country allows him to come back and that should be respected either good or bad. I am a believer of the law and if the law is not good let us change them,” he concludes.

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