The Alliance for National Re-orientation and Development, ANRD, has announced that its leader Gen Lamin Satu Bojang has stepped down.

A press release shared with The Standard Wednesday, dated 14 February 2023, explained that the decision is necessitated by the ethics of his current job, Defence Attaché at the Gambian Embassy in Guinea Bissau.

The press release further disclosed that a new party leader will be elected during the coming congress. It also assured the public that the ANRD will continue to prevail on its programme and belief.

The Standard contacted General Bojang from his base in Bissau for more clarification. He said:

“The ANRD was supposed to have its general congress in April where we had planned to unveil this decision. You will recall that April was the local government election time and eventually the date of the congress was deferred till further notice. At this time, I was also waiting for my deployment and before a suitable date was selected for the congress, I was deployed. The decision to step down as the party leader and secretary general was discussed immediately after my acceptance to be deployed to the Foreign Service as a Defence Attaché. The executive felt that if I am going to accept the appointment I have to step down as leader of the party because of the contradiction and the incompatible nature of military and politics. The decision by the executive was taken after submitting my letter of acceptance to the concerned authorities”.

Source: The Standard

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