Angry Gambians to protest over fatal stabbing

Angry Gambians to protest over fatal stabbing

Angry Gambians mostly young people are organising protest over what they described as the “insecurity in the country and the murder of Fatoumatta Kargbo,” a cashier at a bureau de change at Westfield who was allegedly stabbed to death by one Haruna Tine, a Senegalese national.

A forex bureau de change worker, Fatoumatta was fatally stabbed in an armed robbery at Westfield just before Jummah prayers. Gambians within and outside the country have taken to Facebook and strongly condemned the stabbing, with many calling for tough punishment for such kind of heinous crimes.

The planned peaceful protest is being organised by one Momodou Lamin Manjang, a second-year student of the University of The Gambia.

Manjang, who was speaking to The Point about the planned protest, said: “The planned protest is necessitated amid the recent stabbing incident that occurred at Westfield for which we want to express our anger about the incident and we also want to tell the government to do more about protecting people’s lives and properties.”

“It is going to be a peaceful protest. What we want is to ensure that no bureau de change operates in the country without proper security in place. We also want the government to stand firm about such kind of heinous crimes in the country.”

Manjang further said: “It is not proper you go to a beareau de change and take your money without any security that will assist you to get your money and leave in peace without being attacked from assailant. This is not the first-time someone has been attacked at bureau de change and the government is not doing anything about it.”

The country witnessed the tragic killing of Fatoumatta Kargbo alias F. Gal, who was allegedly stabbed twice to death by an armed robber on Friday 19 January 2024 at H/M Forex Bureau de change in Westfield.

Mrs Kargbo until her untimely death lived at Bakau New Town and has worked at the H/M Forex Bureau at Westfield for almost five years. Married without a child, Mrs Kargbo was known for her politeness, respect and hard work.

“Not to my knowledge that my daughter has issues with anyone. I have groomed my children in a way that they do nothing without my knowledge. F. Gal would go to work and come back home straight and she is always on her phone laughing and making videos. I heard the guy who killed her attempt to kill himself but it’s just a hear-say act, he does that for people to say he does so when he already made me lose. It shall not be well with him,” said  Ramatoulie, mother of the deceased in grief.

According to the family members, the assailant was believed to be a Senegalese national with a wife and two children and was accompanied by two other guys on a motorcycle during the incident.

The body of the deceased is expected to be given to the family on Monday after the postmortem for burial.

Binta Njie, Public Relations Officer (PRO) of the Gambia Police Force (GPF), told this medium that the victim Fatoumatta Kargbo was 28-year-old, reiterating that the suspect name is withheld for observing the right to presumption of innocence until proven guilty by a competent court of law.

PRO Njie stated: “The suspect is said to have demanded some money and stabbed the victim multiple times when she refused to cooperate. He is also suspected to have inflicted self-harm by stabbing himself in the neck. The victim was pronounced dead and the suspect is under medical attention.”

Source: The Point

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