Alleged PIU shooter confirms thumb-printing empty papers

Alleged PIU shooter confirms thumb-printing empty papers

The alleged PIU shooter yesterday told the court presided over by Justice E. Jaiteh that he signed empty papers when he was at the Anti-Crime Unit at Banjulinding.

The accused, Ousainou Bojang who appeared as a witness in the mini-trial regarding shooting incident reported at the Sukuta-Jabang Traffic Lights, leading to the dead of two PIU officers and one injured, explained that three men took him out of the cell around late in the night.
While cross examining the accused, the director of Public Prosecution, A.M Yusuf requested an exhibit from the court and handed it over to the accused to confirm his fingers and thumbprints.
After confirmation, the accused stated that those were his fingers and that he could remember that he had thumb-printed empty papers.
The accused also confirmed that he had only seen the independent witness once which was at the Airport Police Station where he was held.
Meanwhile, Defence Counsel Darboe applied to call the second accused in the trial Amie Bojang.

She testified that she was at the Anti-Crime Unit before she was taken to the Mile II Central Prison.
She added that she was sitting behind the Charge Office, and could see people coming in and going out of the camp.
She narrated that at the entrance gate, security personnel were stationed and a man next to the security was sitting at a table.
She further explained that the a man seated beside the security personnel would check visitors, record their names and also keep their phones “because no one enters the Anti-Crime with a phone even if it is your lawyer except staff.”
Ms Bojang told the court that on 15 September 2023, she did not see Alieu Cham, who served as the independent witness to Ousainou Bojang.
Defence Counsel L Mboge for the second accused person asked the witness what her reaction was when the evidence of the independent witness was heard in court – a question DPP Yusuf objected to.

Counsel Mboge argued that the objection was based on speculation as he did not cite any provision to disqualify the counsel to re-examine his client either in the voirdire (main trial).
In his ruling Justice Ebrima Jaiteh overruled the objection and allowed the witness to answer the question.
The second accused therefore responded that he did not see Alieu Cham, the independent witness at the Anti-Crime Unit on that day.
The case continues.

Source: The Point

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