Alleged PIU shooter confirms he killed police officers – witness testifies

Alleged PIU shooter confirms he killed police officers – witness testifies

The third prosecuting witness in the alleged PIU shooter case yesterday testified before Justice E. Jaiteh of the High Court that the alleged PIU shooter confirmed to her that he “shot the three police officers” at the Sukuta Jabang Traffic Light incident. 

Prosecuting witness Mama Jabbi testified that she is a businesswoman and doubles as a marabout, adding that the accused, Ousainou Bojang, went to her compound on Wednesday around 2pm in Jululung two months ago.  She stated that the accused told her he needed help from her to make an amulet for him and to also give him money to use it for fare to Zinguinchor, southern part of Senegal, because he had killed two police officers.

According to her, the moment she saw the accused in her compound, she was shocked and told her friend that: “this man has committed something”, saying that was when Ousainou Bojang told her: “Aunty, I need help – my life is ruined!”

The woman said she asked the accused his name and address and he told him he is Ousainou Bojang from Brufut.

She further testified that the alleged shooter asked her for water to perform ablution for prayers but unfortunately, she said, the accused just sat on the praying mat and did not pray.

PW3 said Ousainou continued to ask for help but she responded that the offence he committed was extreme and she could not help, saying that was when she asked him to sit and wait for her.

She said she took a photo of him with audio in an attempt to record his voice, but the accused pleaded not to take a photo of him.

She stated that she went outside to meet some Senegalese police officers and asked them if they heard the killing that happened in The Gambia. She said the officers replied that they heard about it. That was the moment, she said, she told them about the alleged shooter´s presence in her compound, and the police officers asked her to send the photo of the alleged shooter, which she did and was authorised by the Senegalese police to keep the accused uninformed about their coming.

Mama Jabbi further said the police officers arrived in her compound while she was sitting and they handcuffed Ousainou and took him away.

She narrated that after the accused was arrested by the Senegalese police officers, she called Musa Camara, a staff of Gambia Revenue Authority (GRA) and informed him that the person who killed the PIU officers was with her.  She said Musa then told her to wait while he called the Gambia Police.

Subsequently, she said she received a call from Musa and was asked to meet with him with the Gambia Police at Giboro. She then boarded a motorcycle to the said place and met with them and they moved to Jululung.

Upon their arrival at Jululung, she said she excused the two officers from the Gambian and Senegalese forces and sat somewhere while they were in discussion. Thereafter, she said the Senegalese police took Ousainou to a car and drove him to the border where he was handed over to the Gambia police.

She further stated that she was with them driving to the Gambia and the accused asked her to borrow her phone to call his sister but he told him she was out of credit.

The case was adjourned until 20 November 2023 for cross examination.

Source: The Point

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